The Cassiá Just Foundation was created with a mission to generate human and material wealth, through Cuina Justa (Fair Kitchen), creating solid and sustainable businesses for the good life to those with special needs

The Good Life is to offer a place that allows for a self-built life, among others and in some cases beyond, the boundaries of the workplace.


Cuina Justa, Special Employment Center (CET) was born as a group initiative of mental health, social action, and education professionals, with the intention of providing some thoughts and responses to the difficulties that young people have; who require social health and educational attention, from an early age, and who are at risk of social exclusion at the time of their entry into the labor market.


From there, a company was created, in the rehabilitation field, with the underlying idea of the multiple benefits of cooking. These processes are truly made by hand!.


In 2005 the brand Cuina Justa was created, and years later continues working for its cause. The FCJ is not only concerned from a social point of view, but also in raising corporate social awareness about the destigmatization of this group; considering this an aspect of our reality and a necessity for everyone.

Cuina Justa, the company's charitable foundation, provides jobs in the field of nutrition. Those who work here have a lifestyle that involves some difficulties in their personal development, emancipation, and in the connection with others.


Our integration experience is marked far away that the social ideals: THE IMAGE OF HUMAN DIGNITY, in the workplace, in the consideration of what is said in one's social life.


Professional support of Cassiá Just Foundation  with a multidisciplinary team, participates in the social and labor support, which focuses its duties in promoting and providing a personal solution to one's own difficulties.


The support that the Foundation combines prevention and care, respecting the freedom and the individual's rights to decide freely. The concept of a good life is to go beyond just labor, which involves the development and creation of new services, ranging from pre-employment, use of leisure time, to the assistance and guidance of workers and their families.


Just Cassía Foundation is committed to create a team of volunteers designed to support the work of certain services offered, for example the SOC (Community Leisure Service) and Sevi (Connecting pre-and post-service employment). In this second service, we provide assistance with the post labor task, this supports, both, the professionals and the Cassiá Just Foundation beneficiaries.

Specify the transversal advance and dialectics at Cuina Justa  (a technical tool used by a solidary company).  Research and development has allowed us to provide a better response to new social deficits beyond inequality, injustice and lack of protection, which are already suffered by vulnerable groups currently at risk.


The Department of Research and Development, at the Cassiá Just Foundation,  was born as a result of the interest of the people at risk of exclusion, in line with the weaknesses and heterogeneities produced by the society, and the following mission:

Combat stigma, discrimination and inequality of collective labor difficulties;  mental and/or social suffering: of adolescents, young adults and families at risk of exclusion.



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