Benefits of partnership LGD (LSMI) with Cuina Justa will be a 'fair' company for you

Cuina Justa has over 80 partners that one way or another fulfill LISMI and enjoy the benefits of being a just company'!

Cost per employee: IPREM 2013 equal to € 6.390,13/year multiplied by 1,5 resulting in a total of: € 9.585,19/year

Contributor advantages:

- Strengthening CSR image

- LGD (LISMI) compliance

- Compensation

Cost per employee: IPREM 2013 equal to € 6.390,13 resulting in increased total: €19.170,39/year

Contributor advantages:

- Strengthening CSR image

- LGD (LISMI) compliance

- Compensation

- Obtaining product or service of high quality from Cuina Justa

- In the case of product, the partner may sell to the consumer to make an additional profit


Cost per employee: IPREM 2013 equal to € 6.390,13 resulting in an increased total: €19.170,39/year

Contributor advantages:

- Strengthening CSR image

- LGD (LISMI) compliance

- Compensation

- Contribution to the employment of people with disabilities accompanied by Cuina Justa.


What is LGD (LISMI)? This Law 13/1982 of 7'Abril, The Integration of disabled persons, which provides public and private companies, who employ more than 50 employees, the obligation to contract, a number of workers with disabilities not less than 2%


Is there an alternative compliance option? Yes. Royal Decree 27/2000 of 14 January, set the following options:

· Purchase of goods from a Special Employment Center like Cuina Justa

· Purchase of services from a Special Employment Center like Cuina Justa

· Donations and sponsorships for the purpose of an entity such as vocational training, job placement and creating jobs for people with disabilities

· Creating a Service (Employment Agreement between the regular company searched for -partner company- and Special Work Center to carry out works or services directly related to the normal activity of the former, and which takes a group of workers from the Special Work Center, and moves them temporarily to the workplace of the partner company)


Cuina Justa is a legal Center for Labor, authorized by the Government of Catalonia and with registered number T00069


Through the purchase of products or services contracted, the Cuina Just Foundation de la Fundació Cassià Just, is justifying its entity's compliance with the LISMI, that it is a Special Employment Centre


Corporate Social Responsibility in response to the target companies, contribute to society to ensure a good life for all


Today's consumer is not the same as a few years ago.

An important difference is the value acquired regarding social concerns, inequality, and the environment.  Thus, companies have a better image and are valued by employees, consumers, customers and the general public

“'Fair person ” are friends of the Cassiá Just Foundation, and are socially committed to contribute to the work of the Foundation in order to integrate people with weaknesses into the labor market


Join us! Participate in a non- profit project where:


  · The integrity of our profits are reinvested in our employees

  · Each worker is accompanied in the process of employment

  · People with specia needs improve their lives through paid work and develop with us


The promotion of human dignity is our guide and the most important value of our project


Collaborate! Sign up; your children, colleagues and family and know what quality means in people and products ...


  · You can help, visit, or participate in workshops and met workers with special weaknesses that make excellent products ...

  · Receive training, information on eating habits, and learn to take care of yourself by eating well!


How do we do it?

Through our website: or visit us directly:

Ctra. Sta. Creu de Calafell, 106 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)


In addition, the fact of being a 'fair company' allows our partners to access to many different compensations:

· Using brand solidarity  on behalf of the contributor.

· Collaborator's Brand exposure by Cuina Justa

· Talks with relatives' employee on issues related to mental frailties and social exclusion, social and family


· Training on food habits, diet and nutrition.

· Guided visits for our relatives' employees

· Meeting Cuina Justa in academic, business, food industry and social atmospheres.

Carretera Sta Creu de Calafell, 106.  ·  08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat. Barcelona (Spain)  ·  Tel. +34 93 630 32 34