Management of kitchen facilities of our clients, where we coordinate:

  • Staff: cooks, assistants, and instructors

  • Purchasing

  • Deliveries

  • Constant monitoring in accordance with

    our Loyalty Plan

  • Educative plan of school cafeterias

Through our transportation system of hot line and cold line options:

  • Primary and secondary schools

  • Daycare centers

  • Nurseries

  • Companies

Central Kitchen

The basis of our day to day process has essential reference points, which are vital to us, so we could differentiate, prepare and serve each planned meal



The different food groups, favoring seasonal and locally produced products


Adapting menus to different health requirements


Encouraging variety and gastronomic identity and cultural aspects of food


Complementing various daily meals and nutritional recommendations regarding the daily needs of different nutrients


The consumption of vegetables and/or fruits at each meal


Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits, dairy, fish and plant-based protein dishes


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The combination of different cooking techniques, enhancing food which provides less fat, and is respectful of the nutritional quality of food


The strictest higiene in the food process and the correct temperature during transport and service


The quantitative evaluation depending on the type of guests


Over 35 specific menus




The variety of colors and the combination of textures within the same meals


Providing a perfect meal to the guests from the nutritional point of view as well as  hygenic sensorial and educative standards.


Teaching healthy habits through harmony and respect.


Lobbys about habits, customs and nutrition.


Our range of prepared salads preserved all their properties and always contained quality ingredients.  They are cooked and prepared with an entirely handmade process, using local products. They are ideal to be tasted anywhere, at anytime of the day while and still being healthy.

The salads are great for new lifestyles able to enjoy a traditional dish with high quality, healtht without spending time

Products are also available for 'Picnics', groups, and events.

Our sandwiches, made with quality raw materials, ensured a  “'proper nutrition” at any time of the day.

Our products are translared into Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Arabic.

Products are also available for picnics, groups and events.

Well balanced and with organic bread are our sandwiches.


Product in Barcelona Airport

Since 2006, we have established a line of work with four ranges of products, the precisely the handling of fruits and vegetables packaged for direct consumption.

Through the alliance with Cutting's, Areas, and Aramark, we have placed 40 people in a position of stable employment.


We strive to reach goals and have had results with successful companies. Join us!


Service, food handling companies

Cuina Justa introduces a new approach based on traditional concepts and philosophies that seek the farmhouse for sustainable, ecological, and social production.

The mission of Cuina Justa perseveres in the pursuit of new ways to unite employment in the food industry. The opportunity that offers our farm Can Tudela en el Delta del Llobregat is an innovative example.

Plantation in El Prat de Llobregat

Carretera Sta Creu de Calafell, 106.  ·  08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat. Barcelona (Spain)  ·  Tel. +34 93 630 32 34