Box solidary

A quality meal (first course, second, desserts, bread and water) prepared with healthy products that change according to the season, designed for those situations where you want to avoid journeys: meetings, training, workshops …

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We favor seasonal and proximity products and thus we are committed to traditional, well-stocked and unhurried cuisine. And we bring you wherever you are!

Health Guarantee

Because you will enjoy and take care of eating our menus! They have an adequate nutritional input and traditional cooking methods.


Just Kitchen generates jobs for people with mental fragility and risk of social exclusion. And we are also supportive of the environment, since all our containers are recyclable or even compostable.

Gastronomic offer

All menus include water, cutlery and napkin

Roasted eggplant, anchovy, sesame and cream cheese

Fillet turkey with peach, parmentier and kimchi

Honey and cottage cheese with roasted nuts

12,75€ + IVA

Poke Bowl to choose:

Base: rice, avocado, spinach, wakame, radishes and corn.

· Salmon
· Edamame
· Iberic secret

Premium Fruit Salad

12,75€ + IVA

Rustic pumpkin puree with blue cheese and pumpkin seeds

Chicken tub with candied artichoke

Orange with chocolate crumble

12,75€ + IVA

Goat cheese salad

Tuna Premium Sandwich

Chocolate Rocky Road

9,00€ + IVA

How to make an order

Select menus and box number you want for each option (remember that the command must be a minimum of 8 units).

Enter our online store, call us at 936 303 234 or write to us at

We deliver between 12 and 2 pm.

The payment will be made by credit card.

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08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat

Tel. +34 93 630 32 34