We make the words of Cassià Maria Just, Abat Emérit de Montserrat and founder of the Foundation.

Our soul

The Cassià Just Foundation was created in 1994 as an initiative of a group of professionals in mental health, social action and education with the mission of generating human and material wealth, through the creation of social and labor opportunities, for To people with fragility (mental illness and / or social exclusion), who want to enjoy a good life.

We believe that the best way to integrate people with difficulties is the way of work. That is why we are a special center of work and we create our main instrument, Cuina Justa, our company of social economy, which through gastronomy offers decent jobs and drives the generation of social change.

Social-labor insertion

The integration experience at Cuina Justa successfully addresses the professionalization, empowerment, training and improvement of employability, respecting the particularities.

The different lines of work are formed by heterogeneous teams that facilitate the inclusion of all our workers and who collaborate in the promotion of the emergence of an own invention that allows them to face the difficulties in obtaining and / or maintenance of a job.

The trajectory of the entity in the social and occupational insertion of people with fragilities has given us today a network of connection with the territory, entities and agents of relevance.

It has also allowed us to make strategic alliances with other companies and entities, which allows us to consolidate more solid employment and social inclusion paths.

Research and investigation

The Foundation Just Cassia was born as a result of the interest in people at risk of exclusion,in the line of the search for the fragilities and heterogeneities that society today produces and with the following mission: to combat stigmatization and the chronicity of mental illness and social inequalities, under the thesis that workers have an impact on the empowerment and recovery of human fragility.

Social programs and social-health activities

We have designed observatories and research devices in different fields (family, adolescence and community) that allow us to analyze and build responses to their own difficulties.

The programs and social healthcare activities that the Foundation is developing are aimed at the combination of prevention and care, respecting the freedom and the right of the person to decide freely. And as the concept of caring and good life means going beyond the purely work field, it necessarily also implies the development and creation of devices ranging from pre-employment and post-employment, to leisure and free time, up to to the assistance and guidance of the workers and their families.

All activities carried out through the Cassià Just Foundation enjoy the necessary socio-occupational or social-health support, formed by a multidisciplinary team that guides the construction of a particular response to their own difficulties.

Social Economy Company

Through Cuina Justa, the social economy company of the Cassià Just Foundation, the products and services that are produced in the different production lines of the special work center are marketed: menus and elaborations by companies and schools, catering for events and products of V range (sandwiches, sandwiches and salads) for restaurants and catering companies, airlines, etc. The philosophy for gastronomy is unique, social, artisan and healthy cuisine to offer job opportunities to people with frailties (mental or social exclusion).


Fundación Cassià Just

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